Why Choose Country Hills Golf Course to Host Your Next Corporate Event

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Why Choose Country Hills Golf Course to Host Your Next Corporate Event

Country Hills Golf Course, a prestigious members-only club in Calgary, offers an exceptional venue for corporate events. Its picturesque setting amidst rolling greens and panoramic views of Nose Hill Park creates a serene ambiance, ideal for productive meetings and memorable gatherings. The versatile facilities, including banquet rooms and outdoor spaces, accommodate up to 150 people, making it suitable for various corporate occasions.

Nestled in the heart of Calgary, Country Hills Golf Club stands as a private, members-only golf club renowned for its picturesque beauty and exceptional services. Selecting the right venue for corporate events is crucial, as it can significantly impact the overall experience.

Venue and Facilities

Country Hills Golf Club offers a unique blend of indoor and outdoor spaces with panoramic views of Nose Hill Park. With the capacity to accommodate up to 150 people, its banquet room and smaller restaurant can be combined to utilize the entire top floor. This versatility makes it perfect for various corporate gatherings, including Christmas parties, award ceremonies, seminars, and more.

The venue's ambiance is enhanced by its location on the upper floor with vaulted ceilings and stunning sunset views. The strong wood elements in the room create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Bright, spacious, and surrounded by large windows, it's a space that fosters productivity and engagement, ideal for meaningful discussions and presentations.

The club distinguishes itself by offering a personal connection with an event coordinator, providing assistance in shaping your event to perfection. The private club atmosphere adds a sense of exclusivity to your corporate gathering. Additionally, the main banquet room includes an outdoor space and an attached boardroom. Whether you prefer bar service or servers, all service options are available, including buffet, plated meals, appetizers, snacks, or family-style dining.

Professionalism and Service

Country Hills Golf Club provides dedicated event coordinators who work closely with clients to tailor their events to their unique needs. The level of service varies depending on the event type, ensuring a personalized approach to every corporate gathering. For golf tournaments, their team takes the lead, offering full-service, hands-on coordination.

From planning to the actual event day, the staff ensures a seamless and successful execution. Personalization and one-on-one attention, along with detailed checklists, are part of their approach. With an experienced team that has extensive experience in organizing various events, including golf tournaments, you can trust that your event is in capable hands. They become an extension of external companies and their sponsors when hosting corporate events, going above and beyond to ensure the success of your gathering. Their dedication to exceeding expectations ensures a memorable experience for your attendees.

Networking and Bonding

The golf club's serene setting serves as a conversation starter, making it easy for attendees to engage and connect, whether they are avid golfers or not. The custom layouts and available spaces are conducive to networking, fostering connections among corporate event participants. Country Hills Golf Club offers a variety of team-building activities, including screen projectors around the room, podiums, and training seminars. They work closely with external teams to ensure seamless execution, promoting team bonding and a great overall experience.

Past corporate clients have praised the positive impact of hosting events at Country Hills Golf Club on team dynamics. Attendees have reported improved camaraderie and stronger connections, making it an excellent choice for team-building events.

Culinary Experience

Country Hills Golf Club offers a range of dining options for corporate events. They specialize in customized dining layouts, offering everything from continental breakfasts to five-course dinners. While they provide standard menu packages, they are flexible and can cater to your specific needs, including BBQs and accommodating dietary requirements.

The club provides customizable menus to cater to different types of corporate gatherings. Whether you're hosting a formal conference or a casual networking event, they have menu options that will align perfectly with your event's theme and purpose. The venue is committed to accommodating dietary preferences and restrictions for event attendees, ensuring that all guests can enjoy a delicious dining experience.

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Being a private, members-only golf club enhances the exclusivity and value of hosting corporate events at Country Hills. The high-quality staff and consistent level of service maintain the club's standards, regardless of whether it's a public or private event. Corporate clients and their guests can enjoy exclusive access to corporate swag, gifting, apparel, and more. The in-house event coordinator provides a personalized, seamless experience that goes above and beyond.

Country Hills Golf Club prides itself on its high rebooking rate for golf tournaments, demonstrating its commitment to fostering long-term relationships with corporate clients. The personalized approach and one-on-one interactions with their event coordinator contribute to these enduring partnerships.

In conclusion, Country Hills Golf Club stands out as an exceptional choice for hosting your next corporate event. Its stunning facilities, personalized services, conducive environment for networking and bonding, culinary excellence, and exclusive membership benefits make it an ideal destination for a successful and memorable corporate gathering. Consider the unique advantages that Country Hills Golf Club offers when planning your next corporate event, and leave a lasting impression on your attendees.

Written on behalf of Country Hills Golf Club.


Country Hills Golf Club is suitable for a wide range of corporate events, including conferences, seminars, Christmas parties, award ceremonies, team-building workshops, and more.

The golf club's ambiance includes vaulted ceilings, sunset views, and a warm wood element, creating a serene and inspiring atmosphere that fosters productivity and engagement during corporate meetings and presentations.

Country Hills Golf Club distinguishes itself through its private club vibe, personalized event coordination, exclusive membership benefits, and extensive experience in organizing various corporate gatherings. It offers a unique blend of professionalism and natural beauty that elevates the overall event experience.

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